CCAFRIC offers you a wide range of assistance services throughout the logistics transport chain.

As a service company specializing in African markets in logistics, we advise you in a personalized and independent manner.

We provide you with our expertise for both private and business services, for your shipment by sea or air, from Europe to Africa or from Africa to Europe.

We are at your side, and we are accessible on site or through the networks. We are specialists in supporting African shippers in excellence.

C.C.AFRIC ensures:

  • In-depth knowledge of the African and European markets with assistance and support for import and export from Europe to Africa and from Africa to Europe

  • Great negotiating power to protect your interests

  • Innovative advice to identify and quantify risks

  • Flawless assistance at ports of origin

  • The strength and full range of services and expertise focused on trade with Africa


  • Local assistance to shippers in terms of international purchases and sales, maritime transport and freight negotiation.
  • Assistance on import and export procedures from Europe to Africa and/or from Africa to Europe.
  • Mediation in case of disagreement and legal support in case of dispute and lawsuit with service providers
  • Security advice to be taken in multi-party operations (Triangular, Cross-Trade)
  • Drafting of accompanying documents (invoices, packing list, international commercial contract, etc.)
  • Implementation of operating methods to carry out international operations (definition of roadmaps, construction of visions, improvement of processes, etc.).
  • Offer information media: the list of freight forwarders by country and shipowners serving European ports.
  • Provision of practical information on maritime logistics transport as well as relevant market information.
  • Organization of document and information flows
  • Incoterm: Anglo-Saxon abbreviation of the expression “International Commercial Terms”, meaning “terms of international trade” and translated into French by “C.I.V.” or “international conditions of sale”.
  • Supply/demands of European products and markets.
  • Supply/demands on African products and markets.
  • Supply/demands of European products and markets.
  • Supply/demands on African products and markets.

C.C.AFRIC helps its clients to seize economic opportunities on African and European markets thanks to its qualitative research and commercial links and secure transactions, by choosing and managing international payment security as wel counterparty risk mitigation.

Our goal is to facilitate sustainable trade between Africa and Europe.

From Europe to Africa: export, import, market acquisition/expansion, information on buyers, establishment of strategic links and securing of your transactions to African countries.

From Africa to Europe: find suppliers, partners, market information, products, services on European markets.

C.C.AFRIC is responsible for assisting these companies and organizations to develop their trade, find financial solutions to promote responsible and sustainable trade, as well as reliable supply and transport to the final destination.

As a stakeholder in these exchanges, C.C.AFRIC ensures transparent business practices throughout the value chain.